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I would love to hear what people sat here. Stephano from MotoWheels recommended the Zard Penta Evo for my '14. He said it had a great sound and is not as loud as my SC-Project CR-T with decat. Not sure how it compares with Termi, MIVV, Arrow, etc.

He said: "I do understand exactly as to what you are trying to achieve and based on what I’m hearing from you here, this is the one I would highly recommend. You can’t go wrong with this system as it will provide a nice deep tone without being too loud and obnoxious. It’s a lovely system with great quality built into it:"

ZARD Penta EVO 2-1 SS/CF Full System: Multistrada 1200 '10-'14

I only found one poor quality video in which I could hear the exhaust, liked the character, but cannot tell how loud it is from that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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