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I’m looking to install a Yoyodyne integrated rear light/signal setup so that I can tidy up the back of my SS1000.
The kit comes with two 20w 5ohm resistors. These are the rectangular “sand”cast type with poor wire leads.

Can these resistors be swapped out for something smaller and easier to mount?
Has anyone here installed this taillight system?
Are the resistors necessary or are they just used to slow the blinking effect of the turn signal?
No schematic or instructions came with the package so I was curious as to how the resistors are installed.


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I typically like the aluminum cased Dale resistors for something that big, power wise. You probably wont get a much smaller package though.

Yes they're there to mimic the load (ie resistance) of the incandescent bulbs so the flashers flash at a similar rate. I ran LED lights on the rear of my superduke (with incandescent fronts) and the flashing was faster but i didn't mind. The integrated tail light on the old Z1000 actually had a module that replaced the flasher relay.

There are flasher relays for cars that are load independent, they always flash at a set rate, but I'm not sure you could directly fit one of those relays on a bike...
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