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I need help in a major way! I was out riding on my 1995 916 at night and during my journey home I experienced probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced, the loss of headlights.

Here is the information I have to share if it helps.

-The headlights come back on when I jiggle the large connection on the right side which connect the front harness to the main.

-After turning the bike off with the headlights / tach in the non-working situation the fuel pump still turns on when the key is on and the kill switch is turned to the on position.

-The tail lights still work.

-I clean and grease the connector regularly.

-Lastly, I thought the problem was in the front harness so I replaced it with a used harness and I still have the same problem.

Other important information. I did replace my battery a few years back and the jackwagon who installed it didn't put the caps on all the way so I have acid damage. The damage has been present much longer than the electrical issue.

Thanks for taking a second to look at my post. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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