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Yeah Right!

About three or so months ago someone on Speedzilla had a shit fit because his 57mm Termi System burned a hole in his new C/F fairing! All due to his "Race" 57mm exhaust system! He was pissed that Ducati would design a pipe like this! He wanted Ducati/Dealer to replace the fairing. Of those involved with the discussion, 90% wanted to hang the guy while 10% offered to buy the poor fellow a cup of Java at Starbucks, while they forming a petition to remove Ducati's current CEO. Sheesh!

Carbon cans are a long ways away from their source of heat. Carbon is wonderful stuff! It's just that the resins that bond the fibers together have issues with heat. Also I've seen C/F cans catch fire and burn in race situations on the track because they weren't properly packed with insulation materials. The C/F bodywork might do fine in your case, but watch your painted surfaces, cause it will cook and peel off.

Just to CYA, head out to Home Depot and purchase some insulation cloth and line the fairing or safety wire the cloth to your pipe where it contacts the bodywork. Don't just rely on a Air Gap! Both would be perfect though!

As far as tuning your bike, I don't know of any Race kit or Race part where you bolt crap on and your good to go and win a world championship! Every bike has it's own specific fueling needs. For example! You can take two bikes of the same style and size off of the factory production line, attach PCIII's to them both, tune them, and end up with completely different fuel maps, for a number of different reasons.

So let's drop the, I paid three grand it should be perfect mentality. It just doesn't work that way here and in the real world. How and why do you think the Power Commander became so successful?

Lastly don't count on your dealer to make things better unless, they are the DucShop, Section8, BCM, or AMS. Most just won't take the time to get your bike setup right. These guys will dial in your cams, set the squish, as well as getting the fueling right. That's how you get serious HP out of your $3000.00 pipe. Other than this, you might as well go out and find some old baseball cards and some clothes pins so you can attach them to your bike so the card can flutter in the spokes and make that cool engine sound!
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