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Does anyone have a picture of the Gold 10 spoke Marchesini's on a Yellow 996? Any opinions you might have about the Duck yellow and Marco Gold together? The reason I'm asking is that I have an opportunity to buy a set of 10 spoke Mg wheels new for $1500. That's nearly $1k off their normal price. Problem is they're in Gold, I could get them powder coated black, but then that will blow my profit margin. If I order a new set I am definitely getting the Black Satin Anodized wheels.

Unfortunately I don't have such photo to show you, but I think that black would look a lot better than gold on the yellow bike. And as far as your bugject is concerned, don't worry too much, to have them powdercoated black won't be more than 150$ (max 200$).

So get those and have them coated black, you'll still have 800$ in your pocket.

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