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Does anyone know the facts about how many of these were built?

The Bimota book says "Production : A total of 303 YB4 EI's were built. 200 were built for type testing. Then 103 were sold. There were also 60 racing models made, 19 complete and 41 as kits so if these were added to the production 363 bikes were built." If they made 363 then they should be almost as common (by Bimota standards) as DB1s but I hardly ever see one.

A friend who was involved in the early days of WSB claims that the 200 bikes built for homologation and listed above as "for type testing" were really only a handful. Bimota claimed that they were sold in Japan but even there they don't seem to be common.

How many out there own one? Does anyone know of one for sale?

Cheers Bill
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