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I knew the Yamaha is dominanting MotoGP and WSBK. Its now starting to take over in the AMA, I just learned the bike is also ripping up the BSBK series with Leon Camier as their rider. It appears he has the championship locked up. I don't know if Ducati is even entered in the very competitive British series, I say that for another reason, the tracks they run on are tough. Reading about the latest race results Ducati wasn't even mentioned. It was a short time ago when the tables were reversed when Gregorio Lavilla was the champion on an Airwaves Ducati. I think Airwaves is sponsoring the Yamaha this year, smart move.

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OMG John this is like the zillionth time you've posted something like this, there was no need to make a whole thread about it! :sleep:

Yamaha's star rider in WSBK is second in the points, and they as a manufacturer are a [distant] second as well. I'd say that Ducati is dominating WSBK like they always have, with the factory riders being first and third in the championship, and the privateer ducs doing very well too. To top it off, Ducati is running away with the manufacturer's title.

As far as BSB goes, it wasn't too long ago that WSBK's own Shakey Byrne was BSB champ on a 1098.

AMA, who cares about AMA? Ducati isn't even running a factory team.

Where Yamaha is really kicking ass and it bothers me is in MotoGP, but that is pages and pages worth of a can of worms right here in our own racing forum.


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Ducati pulled out of the UK due to financial reasons. Last season, Ducati raped BSB, they would have done the same this one if they were around. Yamaha is winning because they gave everyone a bike and said go play!

Ducati hasn't had a rider in MotoGP worth shit in 2009, so that counts out MotoGP. Yamaha has the currently two best riders in the game right now and who'd blame them?

Ben Spies is not your average ordinary rider, he's something quite special. So his winning WSBK is simply due to him as a rider. Plus, Yamaha won't win the manufacturers title, no matter what. There are more Ducati's in the front runners then Yamaha's and that will keep the hope of a manufacturers title alive for the final 4 rounds.

In AMA, the Yamaha has done well because of Chuck Graves and the factory support compared to Suzuki. The 2009 Suzuki is a pile of shit and Mladin has been struggling ever since the bike came out. He is such a good rider though, he has still won on it, but his patience ran thin. Yamaha is not dominating at all, they've just got a few good riders and LOTS of trick bits.

My prediction; BSB title win and Yamaha manufacturer win. MotoGP title win and Yamaha manufacturer win. WSBK is still up in the air for the title, but Ducati will get the manufacturer no matter what. AMA, Suzuki title win and Suzuki manufacturer win.

Thats 2 championships in the first year of the bike's release.

Guess what? Ducati did the same thing in 2008; WSBK/BSB championship's first year out.

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