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I live in tropical North Queensland, Australia. Just got back on the road. Standard 2006 S2R1000. Looking forward changing her looks.
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Does my old1994 900SS have better forks then my 2006 S2R1000?
Welcome to the site :)

Does my old1994 900SS have better forks then my 2006 S2R1000?
Better is often a subjective term. You may have felt more comfortable with the forks/suspension/geometry of the older 900SS, but one would think fork technology improved quite a bit from 1994-2006. Also, being that they're used bikes, do you know how well taken care of the forks are in the S2?

I would start by making sure the suspension is set up for your weight and riding style. If you've never done that yourself, around here shops typically charge $50-70 for a baseline setup which is well worth the money in my opinion!
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2006 is 12 years ago. I would start by changing the fork oil, something very few people ever seem to do. It's tough to adjust or evaluate a suspension using worn-out oil.

As for the fork technology, I'd agree that the newer forks are probably better but your mileage may vary. The 94 SS had, I believe, Marzocchi non-adjustable front forks. With the right springs for your weight, they are decent for everyday street riding, they just lack the fine adjustments you may want if you push the limits of the bike on the track or in the twisties, i.e. compression and rebound damping. The S2R has these adjustments on the forks as well as preload adjustment.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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