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Hey all

I'm looking for an original double-walled vertical header pipe for a late bevel 900ss. I'm looking for the standard 900ss pipe, not the later one with the kink in it for the MHR and not one off an 860, which has a slightly different shape.

It needs to be a proper Ducati item with the adjustment marks around the top collar, must be the heavy double-walled type to match my other pipe, and have no dents. I'll be getting it re-chromed, so the appearance is otherwise not too much of a worry.

I've got a single-walled vertical 860-style pipe in excellent condition that I will likely sell. This would suit a restoration with a little patina rather than total concourse.

And I also have a set of upper and lower 900ss style pipes that were recently made by Gowanloch and are brand new. These are single walled and in perfect condition. Would suit any restoration or just daily use.

msg me if you have the upper pipe or are interested in what I have. I'll go downstairs and get the numbers off the pipes if needed.
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