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WTB 900cr stainless lines

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I'm hoping to buy a set of stainless lines (clutch, front, and rear) for my 1996 900cr but I can't find a vendor who lists this exact bike as an option. I could go with the SS kits, but I think the rear line would be too long due to the different caliper mount location... Anyway, does anyody know the correct part numbers to order (galfer, spiegler, goodridge..I don't care) or the correct combination of lengths/fittings so that I can order custom. If not, I'll have to strip it down and measure, PLEASE help me save some time :D
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Hi have look at these guys selling Galfer lines on eBay.

This is the one for the SP

and this is the one for a SS?

and then they list one for a 99 SS

The part no's all differ - the first being FK003D15R/SP, the second being FK003D15R and the last being FK003D225R. So, by way of elimination you can be relative sure that the Galfer part no. for your CR should be FK003D15R.

Note, these are only for the rear - I would guess the front brake lines should all be the same, but you can do the double check on the part no's if you which.

Hope this helps...
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