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It's gonna be an interesting weekend.

World Superbike
F1 (Hamilton doing well again in practice)

MotoGP = Rain today
World Superbike = Rain saturday

Haga's hurt, he ain't doin' well... Looks like Fabrizio and Biaggi are the men to beat at this moment. With the 90% chance of rain for qualifying, things will be quite interesting, I can't wait! Haga's gonna take some pain killers and go out saturday to try and get the best position possible. I sincerely hope Spies has a bad day whilst Haga is down and out for the count.

I'm rootin' for Fabrizio myself.

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Boo hell! Go Ben. What about Hopkins? Any info, god or bad?
Hopper was going good in the first couple of practice sessions, but he really hasn't dropped his laptimes since. Hopefully he'll get it together for Superpole. It would nice to see him running up front for a change.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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