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Would you expect to see this in Cuba??

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Friends of mine went to Cuba for a vacation in November. When walking along (with a few beverages in them of course!) one evening, they see this bike. And, knowing I love all the Ducs, they had to take a pic for me. Crazy that this bike would be in Cuba of all places. Looks like vintage early '70s or so. Any guesses?


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Surprisingly the bike looks damn good for being exposed to salt air for years. The owner apparently takes good care of it, probably because motorized transportation is hard to come by there. Try to find a bike of that vintage and shape in San Francisco, I swear you have to trash your bike to own one there. However, I think my 95 916 was an exception except for a few pitted metal fittings, the bike was perfect when I bought it in San Francisco. Not anymore though, I trashed it.

There are many circa 50s cars in Cuba that are in great shape. Cleverly maintained by the owners since they were cut off from American cars 48 years ago. There are many vintage collectors licking their chops the day Castro kicks the bucket.
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