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Anyone done a wheel swap from something more modern to a DS1000SS?

I've always liked the looked of the 899 rim and am considering a swap. Wondering just how extreme of a project that might be; my searches thus far have returned nada.
I'm unsure if they will fit but when I tried to find spares for my 899, finding a front was just about impossible. I am under the impression that the 899/1199 fronts are the same, but the microfiche on ducatiomaha lists different part numbers for some reason.

I wrecked my 899 in September and the wheels survived (flipped over a hill and landed upside down), you may be able to grab them both for around a grand once they are listed on ebay. It'll be a seller in Ohio--and the wheels aren't the standard bright red--they are powdercoated metallic 'illusion red'.

Good luck on your journey!
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