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Haga vs. Spies. Ducati vs. Yamaha. 1198 vs. R1. America vs. Japan. This could shape up to be one of the best races of all time! Join us this Sunday October 25th to see if American Ben Spies can win the title on his first go at the last circuit of the season. He is 10 points behind Ducati's Haga, which means he absolutely must finish in front of Haga.

BBQ and beers for all. MotoGP starts after the World SBK race.

Haga has never won a championship title in over a decade of racing. Nobody wants it more. If you know anything about Haga, you know that this is going to be a fight!

- Hattar Motorsports can not be responsible for pre or post race shakes, jitters, speech impediments, fist fights or any other form of anxiety caused by one of the most exciting races ever.

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