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World Ducati Week

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Did any of you guys go to World Ducati Week in Misano

We did the pilgrimage
We flew from Jo'burg to Frankfurt, pick up 2 x MTS12 at Ducati Frankfurt, then rode down the Rhein into Switzerland, down to Genova, from Genova down the east coast of Italy to Rome, then across to the East Coast, up the East coast to Misano and Rimini

To see all those Ducati's and Ducatisti in one place was awesome

At a truckstop just before Gottard Tunnel

Roadside Services

The Rhein river had burst its banks after 100mm of rain three days prior, so the ferry wasnt running

The Brilliance of Italian Architecture, only the Italians could turn an architechtural disaster into a major tourist attraction

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Nice pictures, and what a great trip for you. All the way from SA to Germany, pick-up the bikes, and go for a great EU trip.
I really wanted to go, but couldn't make it. Feels bad I missed it, but next year I'll be there!
What a trip sounds like a great time!
That's awesome man. I gotta start doing shit like this!
Great trip , nice pics . What was duration?
Total trip was 12 days

But obviously we took in a hell of a lot more of Italy Switzerland and Germany than what Ive shown here
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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