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Finally pulled the trigger yesterday. I traded in my reliable, comfortable, and all-around nice Yamaha FZ6 in for a quirky beast of Italian sexiness. I think I made the right decision.

I definitely have the fueling issue. It runs a little rough below 3.5k, and surges pretty strong when slowly accelerating through 3.5k. I really only feel it in first gear. I've been riding around all day in traffic, and it's really not too bad, but I'll definitely be trying to fix it before long. I had about 3/4" of slop in the throttle grip, so I adjusted it down to about 1/4" and that helped a little.

On the way home, I lost a bolt out of the right side heat shield. They had over-tightened it so much at the factory that it broke the metal clips that the bolts thread into. A quick trip back the dealer and they fixed me up with new hardware.

The hoses are a real rats nest. The left side fuel tank vent going to the charcoal canister had a hard kink in it that I was able to straighten out, and the right side fuel vent was sort of pinched behind the brake assembly next to the foot peg. I re-routed it.

I think it will do fine as a commuter. Surprisingly, the seat is easier on my ass and lower back than the FZ6 was, but the lower handlebars are a little tough on the wrists after a while (I'm 6'3"). Has anybody tried to fit a higher handlebar? I think a 1" rise would make a big difference.

Here it is!!! :D :D :D


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common cheap things to do .. well maybe not common but definitely cheap,, remove the charcoal canister, not completely necessary because it does blend in better than on the older monsters. but I did it anyway and routed the drain hose (that did go to the canister) over to the other side and used a 1/4" y fitting to route them down the same side on the right side of the bike (there is already another vent hose there.. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing to put them into the same hose but I did and it hasn't had any adverse affect yet.

unhook and/or remove the cable for the exhaust flapper valve servo (make sure to not move the servo motor while doing this).

clip the ears,, if you take the front blinkers off there is a 1" spacer that can be removed and the blinkers (with the help of either the larger washer from the rear blinkers or a separate larger washer) can be bolted right back on but more trim)

if you remove/replace the mirrors,, the right side (sometimes the left) is reverse threaded.. be careful

you could do what blackie did and do a custom OEM exhaust coring (more pricey than a few dollars but not so much as a purchased slipon or full exhaust)

scrub the chicken marks off the tires (either with sand paper or with asphalt (I used asphalt) ).. people will go oooo and aaaahhh or wow you've been leaning really good! just nod

that's all I can think of... maybe others can think of more

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There is a thread on the Fatbar to replace the stock handlebar on here, just search it out. I'm happy with it. There are a few bends. When you do the bars, the lines behind the dash move to the outside which cures the sloppy slack also, and it stops that God awful squeak of you throttle line rubbing into the dash.
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