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G'day, Apparently i have to intro self.
"Wooden wheels and brakes that make you go faster" Was a quote from three mech's at the BMW factory when reviewing a ,83 SD 900. I smiled and thought but you enjoyed it?

Growing up 70/80s. Most mates had Hd's, Trumpies, Nortons, BMW's and the odd Guzzi.
A mate purchased a new SS for 4k and handed me the keys, with the warning "She doesn't turn, it leans".
I took her down "The Mountain" old road north of Sydney Au, The tight corners at first, scared the crap out of me until i learnt to trust her. The harder the corner the more throttle i gave her out of it. It was a totally different riding style, no pipe scraps. Each corner became lean and throttle, the Conti, pipes purred at her performance, i was in love.

Like most, I sold my last Duc (,78 Gts9 ) to buy a house and raise kids. Now that was done and dusted, I wanted to ride again. I looked at ,81 900ss and thought they over priced compared to the better "last Bevel" ,83 SD900.
Either persistence or luck i found one tucked away in garage for 8 yrs with 77k on the clock. For a 34yr old bike that wasn't much. Previous owners were a bike shop owner and helicopter pilot. One or the other went to town on the motor and tricked her up, added ss running gear and welded raised pegs. A bit uncomfortable but worth every inch. Understandably they never did anything irreversible. My part in this bikes life, is electrics'. Itailian's make great motors but really, really suck at electrics. Half the fun of owning a Duc is working on it.
I have no plans on ever reselling it, so Mods, wants and needs suit me.

When those Conti's spring into life, those wooden wheels and brakes just make you go faster and smile a lot harder.

"Live life" (Peter Brock, The King of the Mountain..1945 to 2006).

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