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Based on some recent fun, even though I don't seem to have any issues I still wanted to know if anyone here knows how to replace a wire in the engine harness. Say something happens and one of the wires gets snagged or broken and it needs to be replaced.

How do you remove the cable from the wiring harness plugs?

Anyone have any good description about how to use the waterproof connector in our bike? Any idea where to get the removal tool that allows the end to slide out? How about replacement waterproof plugs? Where can we buy new crimpable ends?

Same thing for the other waterproof connectors around the bike, like to the coils for a start.

I think it would be useful to know.

If no one knows, I'll try to find the specs doc again on the molex site. They describe the process in a service manual style, but it is fairly useless for the layman and other than sliding the yellow secondary lock out of the way, I have no clue.

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