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Currently right in the middle of turning my 99' 900ss into a streetfighter.

The main goal was to strip as much weight from the bike as possibly, with the stock headlight, instruments, and brackets for supporting it all weighing in at 25lbs it's got to go.

Plan on running this headlight or the side by sides normally seen on monsters, along side a Trail Tech Vapor.

My issue now is how to clean up the wiring. I really do not like the idea of chopping into my virgin harness and was thinking of spending a few bucks to pick up another harness to hack up. Looking over at ebay there are lots of 02-03 750 & 900ss harness's for sale but not a single 99 harness. I know that in either 02 or 03 they switched to the security wiring system with the immobilizer. My big worry with mix & match is the pin outs on the ECU being different.

Anyone with expierence with SS harness'?

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pre immobilizer wiring looms are sought after over here too, as you
can use them for custom applications, where you can run with a
rev counter only etc., a later loom isn't of much use unless
you really like to dig into both bikes' wiring diagramms to
have things sorted out.
the new loom will only work with the correct ecu and dashboard,
and red key, unless you are willing to cut it up.

it would scare me but i'd call it do-able. :think:

small personal story from yesterday, picking my new 2003 immobilizer
SS1000DS up, i noticed an alarm system had been mounted to the bike
that was going to get me deaf within one day. That thing was as annoying
as sophisticated, i found out, as i had the +16 single cables containing big
cable cut off, that mounted the loud part of the system to the bike.

the sound of the alarm system was much quiter, once i had it thrown
in the garden bin, but guess what, the bike wouldn't start afterwards,
the new bike i had just paid and wanted to ride home with, to germany
from the u.k.


anyway, the owner wasn't there and i had to deal with the rest of his
family, i felt quite bad, but after some thinking and getting all the rest
of the alarm system of the bike i could get it back to work as standard.

i don't want to explain here, as it seemed to be the standard ducati
alarm system, as it had special ducati keys, but it had shorts in some
neccessarys like the ... and the ... , after i had torn it off the bike.
i had all the cables re-connected then, without any alarm stuff,
and everything was fine again.

it felt so great, 25 years of bike tweaking are starting to pay off. :cool:

bike is running fine by the way. :cool:


good luck with your loom projekt, there are wiring diagramms of each
ducati in the bikes' owners manuals that you can find on the ducati
home page.

cheers. :)

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Cool thanks for clearng that up. Not really liking for things be an any more complicated than they need to be. I'll probally pick up the 750ss harness I was eye balling.

Glad to hear ya got the alarm sorted. It's funny when this bike was new every little thing I wanted to do scared the pants off me. I just stripped the airbox out and Compleatly disasembled the throttle bodies just so I could paint them and polish the little bits. Ya just get comfortable with things after awhile.
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