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its time for a new project
so i got a 99 monster frame and chopped off the subframe and fabricated a new section so as to use the cantilever supersport swingarm and 900ssie motor,the motor fit sweet after i cut out and ,moved rearward the crossmember above the throttle bodies and redrilled the mounts to 12mm
the rear subframe will be alloy and detachable ,the triples from the ss fit staight on,even the bearings are the same........
i removed every external bolt/bracket/spring etc and had them all dipped and nickel cadnium coated


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hi there,

summer is around the corner here, so i was
wondering at first, that you already start with
a winter projekt, but it makes sense downunder
for sure.

:think: ;)

good to see, that you are still at it with your custom
work, the new project* looks quite good so far.

the frame that mounts the rear shock should have
been fabricated in a slightly different fashion though.
it should have been fabricated in one piece, that
bolts to the frame, so you could take it off to get
the rear head off the engine without getting the
complete engine off the bike...

picture is small, but you get the idea,
upper shock clamp is made excentric, to ease
rear height adjustment.

*i love it, this is what i would do, if working on the
frame wouldn't be that illegal where i live.
main reason why i am so glad that i found the
mh frame, as it is almost cool in stock trim...

cheers. :)
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