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Ha...I'm a packrat...

I found some of the old Dzus data from "ST2 owners" that I archived and forgot about. :D

I put them up on my web server. They were originally written by Fariborz, Mike West and Michael Wolf. I hope they don't mind.

Installation version 1: http://www.elareemedia.com/img/geoff/dzus/glue/st2 fairing 01b.htm

Installation version 2 (1.1): http://www.elareemedia.com/img/geoff/dzus/rivet/Dzus Installation.htm

Ordering information: http://www.elareemedia.com/img/geoff/dzus/ordering/Dzus Fasteners Ordering Infromation.htm

The place listed in the ordering document (Just Fasteners) doesn't seem to be around any more, at least on the web. Dzus has their own web site for the panex fasteners now (http://www.southco.com/browse/dzus-turn-to-close-turn-to-open-quarter-turn-fasteners-7514.html).

Please understand that this data is ooooold. Please use it as historical (hysterical) reference.


For tools, I would recommend against a drill to tighten. If you go too far you will crack the fairing, the plastic isn't that strong.

I purchased some T-handled allen wrenches, like these: http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-tools/allen-wrench-t-handle, but mine are straight-cut.

You can spin the wrenches pretty fast too, but no danger of the inertia taking out a panel.
Just Fasteners was bought by QEF Global a few years ago. Actually they were going through the acquisition when I bought my Panex fasteners in 2005 or 2006. I do not know if QEF sells to individuals or if they now have minimum quantity limitations. When I checked with Southco, they had a minimum order of 1,000 pieces and that was for each item, not total order.

I've been told that I was the last individual to get the stuff from Just Fasteners/QEF but I don't know if that's true. I haven't researched anything since I did the conversion.

I just found this:


There's no year mentioned though. I do find it interesting it mentions Southco.

I just emailed Southco asking if they do small quanty (less than 10 pieces) orders. I'll post their response.

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