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Windshield/Dash Fastener Replacement Options?

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I recently had the fun experience of reattaching the spring that holds my left mirror together after accidentally knocking it off. Thanks to the advice on this board everything went together fine.

That was the first time I had removed the windshield and pulled the instrument cluster/dash panel off my bike. In the process I lost a couple of the "nuts" (or whatever you call them) that the screws attach to when I reassembled the pieces. I half-assed replacements but it got me thinking about alternatives.

Does anyone have recommendations for decent replacements for the fasteners? They seem kind of cheesy and I know I will be going throught this process many more times in the future.

As always...thanks to all the guru's on this board for their sage advice!

Ride Safe!
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The little buggers are "well nuts," and I don't like them so much either. However, about the only alternative is Dzus fasteners, and for the windshield it would be a PITA to get the female parts set up if you have to use the cups, and not the plates. Although, there are some people that have done it.

I wish Ducati put Dzus fasteners on from the factory, and I went through the trouble of installing them on the '02 ST, but not for the windshield.

I didn't put them on the '04, since you can now remove the upper and lower side panels still connected, without removing the nose fairing.

That being said, you can get replacement hardware. I ordered the stainless bolt set from Desmoparts (http://www.desmoparts.com/ducati/st2/st2.htm). The trivalent chromate on the stock fasteners is poorly applied, and will oxidize after one season. The SS bolts are shiny (some of the later STs have dark chromate), but it looks good by my taste.

Desmoparts also has replacement well nuts (http://www.desmoparts.com/ducati/wellnut/wellnut.htm). Your dealer can get you these too.

Good luck!

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Ha...I'm a packrat...

I found some of the old Dzus data from "ST2 owners" that I archived and forgot about. :D

I put them up on my web server. They were originally written by Fariborz, Mike West and Michael Wolf. I hope they don't mind.

Installation version 1: http://www.elareemedia.com/img/geoff/dzus/glue/st2 fairing 01b.htm

Installation version 2 (1.1): http://www.elareemedia.com/img/geoff/dzus/rivet/Dzus Installation.htm

Ordering information: http://www.elareemedia.com/img/geoff/dzus/ordering/Dzus Fasteners Ordering Infromation.htm

The place listed in the ordering document (Just Fasteners) doesn't seem to be around any more, at least on the web. Dzus has their own web site for the panex fasteners now (http://www.southco.com/browse/dzus-turn-to-close-turn-to-open-quarter-turn-fasteners-7514.html).

Please understand that this data is ooooold. Please use it as historical (hysterical) reference.


For tools, I would recommend against a drill to tighten. If you go too far you will crack the fairing, the plastic isn't that strong.

I purchased some T-handled allen wrenches, like these: http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-tools/allen-wrench-t-handle, but mine are straight-cut.

You can spin the wrenches pretty fast too, but no danger of the inertia taking out a panel.

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I completely agree. I use the drill to get the screw started in the well nut. Prior to the drill/powered screwdriver, I have found myself blindly spinning the screw at vaious angles to get them to catch in the well nut. A finger on the well nut and a finger on the trigger goes a lot easier and prevents me from poping the well nut out the backside. I don't let the head of the screw go in it far enough to touch the plastics while attached to drill. I should have been more clear in the previous post.

Besides all the Dzus stuff. I found myself procrastinating on some work without LT's fairing brackets. Now that I have them mounted up, I find myself pulling the side fairings off just to take a peek.

Have a good one.
I had forgotten about LT's bracket. It came out after I had already gotten rid of the '02, and the '04 is a completely different setup.
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