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Why do we have a Bimota forum and not an MV forum?

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Maybe I'm just missing the relationship here but why do we have a forum area for Bimota but not for MV Agusta?
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The DB2 Bimota is probably the most beautiful motorcycle that I've ever see.
Lucky you !

RedTop said:
I have a Bimota DB2 with the 900 desmodue engine. I'm very interested in it!!! :D


Oh no, Sharyn ! Heavens NO ! The DB2 is just, too too fab-oo !

My kind of bike.

I think it is a bad idea based on the poor turnout of the Multistrada and Monster forums withing ducati.ms. Adding another forum for MV is trying to make this site all things to all people. Ain't working so far, and would only dilute the existing effort.

scott said:
Two years ago we had an MV Forum for 9 months, there was less then 10 post in that time, obviously not worth the time and bandwidth. If there comes to be real demand for it I will add one.
Relax Zoom. No one said or even hinted at dropping any of the current forums. But if you truly peruse the dedicated sites for Monster and MS, those people are not showing up the way they might. And yes, your comments on the cobwebbed Vintage section are absolutely true. And as such they make my point.

Relax. Everything needs focus, and in my opinion, it should be Ducati, and not expansion of ducati.ms to include the location of former Ducati alumni in the industry. Or their cousins.


zooom said:
Bevel...while I agree with you on the latter portion of your statement in regards to trying to be all things to all people.....I disagree with you in terms of the Monster and Multi forums being poorly participated or watched.....yes....the Multi has a dedicated list on Yahoo I think much like the ST's do....and the Majority of the Monster folks are probably dual registered at ducatimonster.org as well as here...that does not make them any less important in terms of the Ducati product lines or folks that purchase a Ducati in regards to the participation on this board....I paruse the SS,and ST forums so as to learn similar traits mechanically to my Monster for example....but because I may have a particular question or sympton doesn't mean I am automatically going to post it in Monster...especially if it is not model specific query and there is another thread started in another model forum about it....but for you my friend to make things more active....I'd be willing to do so!....remember....this board is for all things Ducati!.....go back and read that last bit one more time!.....if you wanna start eliminating forums due to unpopularity...then you might want to start with that cobwebbed vintage forum with those archaic bevelheads.....but that is to me like segregation based on popularity which is sooooo high school....and I'd like to think I am above all that and would like there to be a place for all things Ducati to be discussed within their classification without disrespect or disregard

Scott....to me though....the Bimota forum might be considered for being relabelled as maybe like "other things Ducati:Bimota,Cagiva,etc"....just my 0.02 on that particular portion!
Zooom my man.....how could anybody recommend that the bike that provides a full half of all contemporary Ducati sales be eliminated from ducati.ms ???
Are we absolutely clear on that ? (Drinking before responding is not recommended..LOL) Good. Now get out there and make sure that those people are reasonably represented on ducati.ms. At present, they aren't.

And yes, we are all aware of the other bikes that have Ducati engines and hence, are part of the family. But MV, no. And don't get hypersensitive and say that I don't like them. I do.


zooom said:
am very relaxed here....and I guess perception and interpetation guided most of my response to you....the way I read your response on Multi's and Monsters alluded to elimination...hence a good portion of what and why I say what I did.....but just as people feel comfortable or at home here...some folks don't and get that feeling elsewhere...yeah it'd be great if that participation level moved to here and made this the most active all around website for all Ducati models!....as far as focus...yes it should be on Ducati's...but some of the alumni or cousins as you say share parts still or design aspects and or problems like the 2 particular companies specifically cited;Bimota and Cagiva because they are still using Ducati powerplants and parts and so forth and there is that one other race only bike whose name eludes me currently,but Motowheels apparently has one and that is also a Ducati powerplant!...these in those terms are directly correlating counterparts that make for discussion worthy forums!
Yummy ! And lots of smiles from those of us who really like a lightweight and simple approach to motorcycles. One of these bikes at ProItalia for a while and the guys that I talked to said that it was THE bike for a spirited ride up Angeles Crest. Gobs of horsepower and a full hundred pounds lighter than a 999R. Can you imagine what fun that would be ?

rob said:
Case in point (and a very beautiful one at that):

Is this a Ducati? ;)
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