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Why do more exhaust fumes exit the right side?

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Can anyone tell me why I can see the fumes exiting the right can (horizontal pipe side) of my Remus half system, but not the left (vertical pipe side)? I thought it may have had a little to do with the exhaust leaks I was experiencing after the installation. I've since sealed the leaks. After firing it up today (in cold weather where you can easily see the fumes) to check for leaks, it still was only noticeable coming from the right side for a couple minutes. I checked the joints where I sealed them with some Permatex copper RTV gasket maker, and the leaks were gone. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't remember my stock exhaust doing the same... or maybe I just never noticed it?
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I was under the impression that the "fumes" you see is primarily water vapor as you heat up the bike. when you turn it off at night cold air can disspate through your exhaust and condense, you get steam for a while when you first warm the engine, but once everything is nice and hot the exhaust is clear and not visible.

Caution: this is a guess...
as far as why one side would show fumes and not the other im not sure about, possibly because the exhaust pipe for the horizontal is lowest on the bike and cools faster allowing more condensation buildup during cool down(also less bends would allow cold air to dissipate through much easier). while the vertical cylinder with the bends is closer to the bulk of the engine mass cools slower due to proximity to the thermal mass, and maybe does not allow as much condesation to form during cooling, thus less steam. HOWEVER, again this last paragraph is a guess on my part, could be full of crap

I know my SS once heated up you cant see the exhaust, though when first started, both sides "fume" and close to being fuly warmed up one side stops fuming before the other, but I never thought to remember which, i'll watch it next time.
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