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I know DID makes good chains, but I am not as familiar with EK. I already have both chains in my possession and will just sell the "lesser" one. I got each for a great deal, and they were within $10 of each other, so resale price is not really a consideration. So here is what I have:

DID VL520 O-ring chain - Ducati OEM
- what is stock and currently on the bike (dead at 11k miles)

EK520SRX SPORT Quadra-X Ring chain
- on the box says "For Unmodified & Non-competition Use"
- EK site: http://www.ekchain.com/sport.htm (scroll down to SRX series)

Both chains are silver in color and have a rivet type master link. I also have a new front and rear sprocket that will be going on at the same time.

Bike: 2003 620 Sport
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