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Wheres Shane Byrne?

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Been watching a lot of WSBK and MotoGP CDs thanks to the Batt-Man. Went through 04-05 of MotoGP and 05 of WSBK. I have the 02 famous CD of WSBK and just picked up 03 season today. My goal is to get as many race CDs as I can, I'm turning into a couch motorcycle racer bum addict potato. Just by watching its fun to see how careers begin and events that are turning points, even during a race. Anyway, a fellow by the name of Shane Byrne (I think thats the spelling) riding a Ducati 998RS was a wildcard entry for the Brans Hatch race in England. I think they called him Shaky? He won both races against the likes of the 999F03 Ducatis and the top riders at the time. I never heard of the guy, I'm sure many here have. I watched the rest of the series and didn't see his name again on the board, what ever happened to him? I believe he is Irish, I'll bet he has raced in the Isle of Man.
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Yes his nickname is Shakey!
He has raced for Renegade Ducati.

This year he is on the Rizla Suzuki in the British SBK series.

I have several tees and hats from him.
He had a great run for awhile.
In 2004 and 2005 he did pick up a ride with KR Team Proton.
But with Keeny jr coming back, he was without ride.
So he is off to Rizla Suzuki.....

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Thanks Rainman!
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