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well, everyone, it happened. My buddy flew in from seattle to visit this past weekend and decided to take a spin on my newly purchased (1.5 weeks ago) 2003 620 sport. He owns a monster 800 so I figured he was experienced enough to ride and familiar with ducati's. Plus, he knew I had no insurance on it yet. He ended up laying it down on the left side :( . I don't know how this could have happened. There were no cars on the road. He was by himself. I saw it happen. He was going about 30-35 in a straight line getting ready to turn. He had not turned yet, just slowing down. then the bike was down in a blink of an eye.

sucks cause there is a lot of damage. all the fairings are scratched. my exhaust is toast as well. i will be without my bike for a while till it gets fixed. just wondering if any of you know a place to purchase fairings or should i just go through the dealer? I may end up repairing them myself and have the dealership paint them. My buddy will pay for all the damage but I do not want to stick it to him either.

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