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When buying extra wheels

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Looking into buying extra wheels for my trackbike. Want to replace really the stock 3-spokers. I doubt I would ever use the 3 spokers again as I can't imagine wanting to use them after going either the stock OEM 5 spoke or forged March aluminum 10 spoke route. The question then is what about brake rotors and all the other junk that is normally on the wheel?

If I lean towards always using the new wheels I get I assume I can just have all the stuff transferred over to the new wheels. Everything should be compatible?

If I decide to get stuff so that I have 2 sets of wheels ready to go I've heard not to buy used rotors. So I guess looking for advice if I go down this path.

Remember price matters since this is a track bike. So no Braketech rotors or anything like that.
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I have both.

I use the stock 5 spke on the street.
I use the 3 spoke on the track.
That way if I have use the "John Deere" option, I have no worries.

And I have extra rotors and bearings on both sets.
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