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When buying extra wheels

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Looking into buying extra wheels for my trackbike. Want to replace really the stock 3-spokers. I doubt I would ever use the 3 spokers again as I can't imagine wanting to use them after going either the stock OEM 5 spoke or forged March aluminum 10 spoke route. The question then is what about brake rotors and all the other junk that is normally on the wheel?

If I lean towards always using the new wheels I get I assume I can just have all the stuff transferred over to the new wheels. Everything should be compatible?

If I decide to get stuff so that I have 2 sets of wheels ready to go I've heard not to buy used rotors. So I guess looking for advice if I go down this path.

Remember price matters since this is a track bike. So no Braketech rotors or anything like that.
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If given the option or means, I'd go for the cast iron over SS every time. Ductile iron would be better but more $$$.

As mentioned, they do tent to rust up a bit but that's easily rectified - just ride the bike slowly with the brakes engaged for a short bit and the brake pads will wipe off the surface rust on the cast iron rotors.

You should use specific organic pads to get the most benefit but these days most sintered pads seem to work fine (and the old adage that sintered pads wear out iron rotors - while true - are not as much of a concern these days).

FWIW, I have 2 set of rims and 1 set of rotors.
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