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Wheels & Tires, Sizes & Compatibillity

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Hi all,

Currently running the stock 5.5 X 17" wheel with 180/55 tire on my 749. I'm looking at some aftermarket Marchesini's that are 6 x 17"...

I know you can fit a 180 or 190 tire on the 5.5 X 17", but can I still fit a 180 tire on the 6 X 17"?

Also will there be any fitment/ alignment issues moving to the larger sized wheel? I'm worried it could affect my handling and turn-in as well. Any thoughts?

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Don't know about the wheel fitting the bike but the 190 is the right tire for the 6". A 180 on that wheel would be too flattened out or something. The sidewalls would be straight up and down. Kinda similar, my SS came with a 170 on a 5.5" and it sucked. I continuously ran out of tire in the curves. hated that feeling. And, on a personal note, I wouldn't like the looks of a 180 on a 6". If you're worried about the handling, theoretically, a 180 on a 5.5" and a 190 on a 6" should be pretty much a spot on comparison as far as turn in.
this is a topic that could be debated for ten pages. i personally don't like a 180 on a 6in wheel, but others swear by it. why not get a 190/55...fits wheel perfectly and shaped like a 180.
Thanks for the input guys, very helpful! Sounds like there's the option of the 180 or 190 on the 6".

So I guess the main thing is would a 6" wheel fit on 749 with the old swingarm (03-04)? I'm wondering if the rear sprocket and rear rotor would not line up properly?

Also nuggets, do you mean 190/55 or 195/50? Sorry I'm just not educated enough to understand if they are interchangeable and if it would affect the handling/ grip.
You want a 190/50. This is all but the same thing as a 180/55, only wider. A 190/55 is going to be alot taller profile tire and that's what will change things. I have seen a 190/50 mounted on a bike (the new ZX-10) and that sucker it ALOT taller. Get the 190/50 unless you are ready to experiment. Not saying it would be all bad, you may like it. But it would be a learning curve.
i only suggested the 190/55 on the 6 in wheel because i thought you were concerned with turn in. as racedfila stated, if you don't know how to adjust the ride height, forks, and shock to accommodate the 190/55 versus the 190/50, just get the 50...as there are a lot more tire models to choose from in that size. however, just changing tire brands can often warrant suspension adjustments so it's not just with the 55 versus 50
I had the same questions when upgrading to Forged Marchesinis in December, what size rear tire? I have a 2004 999 and installed a 6" rear wheel. I always thought the OEM Michelin 190X55 looked like a misfit and the bike never turned in properly even with the standard suspension changes recommended by Section 8 and others.

I ended up with a 180X55 Pirelli Supercorsa rear on the 6" rim. I was very skeptical because of what I had read on various forums re; tire vs. rim size. Bottom line, I love the way the bike handles with the Pirellis. The profile works great allowing the bike to tip in to it's lean potential rather than drop in to a certain point and then trying to "pull" it over further. BTW, the Pirelli tire chart recommends the 180X55 for a 6" rim, same height as their 190X55. I know Michelin doesn't so check with the individual manufacturer.[jpg.
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