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Has it come time to upgrade your levers on your beloved Ducati? Not sure which lever is best for your use? We have this wonderful article which is fresh off the press, breaking down the main benefits from upgrading your levers as well as breaking down the difference in master cylinders, something all bikers should have an understanding of!

You can view a snippet of the article below, however there is still a vast amount to be explained which you will be able to see further on our blog!

The Best Motorcycle Levers to Upgrade Your Bike

To get the bike handling you crave, with braking and clutch control at your fingertips, swap out those stock levers and upgrade. New levers for your brake and clutch improve performance by customizing the most used portions of your bike to your preferences and physique. Even if you want controls with the same length as those installed on the bike, upgrading to aftermarket designs will give you a way to aesthetically improve the front of your motorcycle. Discover the differences new levers on your bike can make.

Benefits of upgrading your motorcycle clutch and brake levers

Take control over your bike's handling and features by upgrading the brake and clutch levers. The best motorcycle levers are not the same for everyone because the decision comes from your riding style. You need a set that fits your hands, offers the control you need and improves the aesthetics of your bike. Which set of levers fulfills these requirements depends on how you ride your motorcycle.

As a rider, you want the brake and clutch levers to feel comfortable in your hands. Do not settle for uncomfortably long or short controls or those that do not fit your hands. If you have smaller hands, you may require smaller levers. Longer levers have their benefits for those who prefer the extended pull distance.

Depending on the type of levers you purchase, you may have the option to adjust the lever reach through a selector built in to the mechanism. Not all models have these selectors, and they often pair with levers that come with master cylinders. Adjusting the reach while riding maximizes the control you have over your braking and clutch....
Interested in seeing more? Click here to read the full article!

Want to see more like this? Please let us know which subjects you'd like to learn more about and we'll do our best to provide an easy to understand article!​
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