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What's in your travel tool kit?

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Getting ready for an upcoming road trip and I decided to unpack my took kit and re-evaluate what I have jammed in there over the years. I'm curious what other people consider the "must have" items.

My kit:
  • 12v air pump (Din adaptor), tire plug kit (plug +rope style), good pressure guage, spare valve cores and valve core tool.
  • Misc bolts, well plugs, fuses, plastic washers, zip ties, threadlock, rubber gloves.
  • Small socket set, allen key set, screwdriver, tpms wrench, small pliers (not pictured), electric tape.
  • Spark plug, homemade spark plug socket.
  • Small first aid kit not pictured...just bandaid type stuff.
  • Small bottle of oil for my chain oiler (not pictured).

So, what is in your travel tool kit?

What is your must have item that I am missing?
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A roll of duct tape. A travel size lube - penetrant. I also carried tools needed to remove a wheel. I never used any of it on my bike, but did fix my wife’s bike once ( battery connection) and my friends bikes numerous times. They carried nothing, relying on my paranoia.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts