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What's in your travel tool kit?

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Getting ready for an upcoming road trip and I decided to unpack my took kit and re-evaluate what I have jammed in there over the years. I'm curious what other people consider the "must have" items.

My kit:
  • 12v air pump (Din adaptor), tire plug kit (plug +rope style), good pressure guage, spare valve cores and valve core tool.
  • Misc bolts, well plugs, fuses, plastic washers, zip ties, threadlock, rubber gloves.
  • Small socket set, allen key set, screwdriver, tpms wrench, small pliers (not pictured), electric tape.
  • Spark plug, homemade spark plug socket.
  • Small first aid kit not pictured...just bandaid type stuff.
  • Small bottle of oil for my chain oiler (not pictured).

So, what is in your travel tool kit?

What is your must have item that I am missing?
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Definitely carry a jump-starter or motorcycle jumper cables (smaller gauge than automotive ones), a few extra bungies, and a battery recharger to charge your cellphone or intercom on the road.

We also coordinate the tools between all the group that is traveling so that one person doesn't have an entire pannier dedicated to tools.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts