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What the hell is this?

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Can't help but freaking laugh.
You Californians, can you explain to me something?

What is "soft highway riding in California"?????
I know that PCH 1 is really "soft"!!!!!!

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Yeah I just saw that Zooom.

But what the hell is soft highway miles in California?
Do you guys in CA ride differently????


And I would want it with TWO playboy models, and free lifetime entance to the Mansion, with Hugh's blessing.

And where is the "bunny" part?
I didn't see a bunny on it?

soft highway miles in california = stop and go traffic never going above 45mph

when i saw that bike last night on ebay i nearly threw up....whoever painted it that color should be in jail

I'm NOT an AAAAA-d-m-i-n
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Dammit! Where was that bike in 1984. It's a perfect match for my Senior Prom Tux. Oh well, I still scored.
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