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What if?

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What if a 1/4 faring were designed for the current generation Monster that was:
- Factory-styled
- Painted to match your bike
- High quality
- Properly mounted (no shaking like the last factory design)
- Easy bolt-on (maybe quick-release?)
- For under $1000 retail

I could also relocate the gauge pod to a more visible location if that is a concern (I had to tilt my head down to see the speedo when I rode a new Monster).

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I'll have sketches in a couple of months, but I wouldn't share them Online (too public). First I'd show them to the Ducati dealers I've already spoken to. I recognize there will be a lot of buyer skepticism prior to seeing an actual design.

I also understand the "naked" design ethic, where less is more and owners want to see and access the hardware. This fairing would be minimalist as well and possibly quick-release, so you could add it when going on a trip, for instance.

Interesting comments on pricing when you could spend $250 on a CF front fender alone. This would be much more involved than that, especially if painted.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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