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What hand grips do you use?

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My wrists are starting to hurt. I was thinking of raised clip-ons and changing hand grips. So what kind of hand grips are you using? lifting weights maybe? Do you think something other than 12 ounce curls would help?
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One of the best tips I ever received is to constantly move around. Even take your hands off the bar and rotate wrist and pump a fist. Also, I have been lifting a small dumbell, palm down, so to raise the hand and keep the forearm on a bench. This has helped my throttle hand immensely.

In addition to risers and helis, I use stock grips with the cushy Grip Puppies from California Sport Touring.

I ride an ST4s and I would not even think of a 74x or a 9xx just because of my comfort issue. But I sure would like to consider them!

Dave Harhay
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