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what exhaust is this?

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this is the only pic i can upload at this time.. just wondering if someone has a idea of what slip-on these are...
i dont have a clue what they are..they was on the bike when i got it..im thinking of selling them to buy a set of high mounts and need to know what iv got lol
the only ones i see on MotoWheels are all round cans mine are more of a oval?
Thanks for all the replies..Vickon i think your right after i done some looking iv found a few pics of this exhaust and it looks like mine so thanks for in info..
nice..i love the sound of these but i hate the low mount look and ill never need the rear pegs..is there anyway or someone have any ideas can i get some mounts and mid pipe(s) and just turn these into high mounts?
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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