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What do you Duc owners drive?

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Bought a new car today. Not like my 999r, but damn fun & fast on the twisties............

What kind of vehicle do you drive?
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my other rides

1992 BMW 535i w/ 5spd 1 of 714 imported to the US

1974 VW ACAPULCO Edition THING w/ 1835cc engine W/ Dual 44 Webbers

1977 Yamaha RD400
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05 LR3 Landy (thats a discovery III to you outside of the USA)
96 XJ6 Jag
76 IHC Scout 5 in lift, lockers, FI, 4.27 gears, 8k winch, 33s, OBA, ect....
73 914 2.0 Porsche (restored, why? dont ask)
+ misc Ducs. :yeah:
Ford Focus RS with 280 bhp and a Smart Brabus Roadster....
Ugggg Funny I just saw this post.

I have a 2002 Limited edition Audi TT, the ALMS edition 225 HP, miltek exhaust, billstein and eibach suspension HOWEVER

I need something to tow and a bit more practical Im torn between buying a $4-5k pickup to have with my TT or trading in the TT and getting something more practical. Ive been looking at a fully loaded 05 Dodge Magum with the 5.8l hemi

Yup a fast powerful grocery getter
califblue said:
1977 Yamaha RD400
That's some big expansion chamber..... :)
califblue said:
1977 Yamaha RD400
NICE! I have a '77 in Chappy Blue. I just got it all back together and soft siezed the motor. Once I get the Ducati all back together I will pull the RD motor and see what happened. I am actually looking for a running RD motor just to swap in if I can find one for cheap.

BTW, those expansion chambers are badass. Much nicer than my SpecII. Who made 'em? Link?
Doc said:
Nobody with an Alfa ? :think:

Well I have an old but faithful '93 Alfa Romeo 1.7 16V and it's red ofcourse :D. It has more than 350.000km and still going fine.

Nice. If you look at migz reply to me on page 12 you will see my Milano/75.
DukeDesmo said:
That's some big expansion chamber..... :)
I owned a 1978 RD400 Daytona Special.....

Wish I still had it!
fraz said:
Man you guys should be ashamed at yourselves... ITALIANO ALL THE WAY BABY!

My daily is "Mi Ombra" and she has been with me for around 8 years now. It's a 1998 Alfa Romeo Milano "Verde" that comes stock with Recaro seats. It is a fuel injected all aluminum V6 3.0 liter and stock was 183HP. About 2 years ago I had the motor rebuilt and now have late model top end cams and 10.5:1 compression pistons. May look like a sleeper but trust me... it gets!

I have a good pic but the attachments thing isn't working no matter what I try.

UPDATE: Posted a pic to our server:
Just saw it fraz and man it looks nice :). But here in Europe it was called "Alfa 75", great car and looks in pristine condition, congrats.

I'm a sucker for Alfas :D. I get to drive from time to time my uncle's cars ; he has a Spider, a 166 and a 156 too and just las tweek he ordered the new 3.2L Brera :cool:. He's an ALfa lover too.

I'll post a pic when he gets it.


A Honda Civic with 1.5 litres of grunt. It goes really fast downhill with a strong wind behind it.
Uh...a Ducati. :)
Here's what I drive.

Well, OK, not really, the Bently is my neighbor's car. Note how he thinks it is OK to block the driveway [it is, but thought I'd feign ranting anyway. We all block it].

The Porsche Carrera GT was parked at my office.

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Daily drivers in the summer months
Triumph TR4 / 1964
MGB 1965

Damn winters , BM 328....boring
I drive a Mercedes E420, got to have room for the child seat you know. It is pretty fast for a four door and goes around a corner better than it has any right to.
daily 330CI coupe. weekend supercharged viper RT. picking up a 999 this week. just have to decide if i want a yellow or red one. ;)
'O1 bmw 540, 94 Toy fj80 Landcruiser, Lifted, Lockers ect... :rolleyes:
2005 330i Sport and Premium Packages, 6 speed
Soon - 2006 BMW M Coupe
Although I had never been anything but disappointed with BMW service, I love the cars!
Well, I have a company car but I just sold my 2002 M Roadster not long ago. I love e39 M5s so I'm thinking about picking up a slightly used one since they don't make them anymore.

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mattjw916 said:
Well, I have a company car but I just sold my 2002 M Roadster not long ago. I love e39 M5s so I'm thinking about picking up a slightly used one since they don't make them anymore.

How can you not love that M5. By brother in law had a 91 M5. What an automobile.....

I'd like an 02
All black 2001 Camaro Z28 w/ a 6 speed manual. Gotta stay with the the Vs!
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