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What do you Duc owners drive?

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Bought a new car today. Not like my 999r, but damn fun & fast on the twisties............

What kind of vehicle do you drive?
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2005 WRX wagon pushing 20lbs of boost, race suspension, upgraded brakes, r compound tires etc. Soon to come: Garrett GT30R turbo, dog box tranny, and new diffs all the way around :D

I'll race that Tahoe :p
I love CTS-V, I got to drive one a couple weeks ago. They've got plenty of power but I was a little disappointed with their suspension. That may have something to do with driving that right after driving an Exige though.

My when I replace my short block and get some work done to my heads I should be getting 600whp at 30psi with meth/water injection. All that in a car that weighs under 3000lbs should be a lot of fun.
Check out this footbox video of Gary Sheehan driving a WRX in NASA's USTCC:
http://www.teamsmr.com/movies/Footbox Small.wmv
rob said:
I'd own this.

They're a lot of fun. I drove one a couple weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it :)
Here's a pic of my new exhaust that I just welded on a couple days ago.

And another

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ducsbill said:
Main Driver when not riding: 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Hot Rod vehicle when not riding: 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi - an AWD rocket that knows how to turn.
It's nice to know there's another suby fan on here :)

How do you like this STi?

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Namor said:
a bicycle----a 99 specialized s-works!!! hardtail!!!!!
Nice, I have an '03 Epic Marathon and a custom '04 Colnago Dream with Campy chorus, Rolf wheels, and an FSA carbon crank :cool:

I'm actually looking to sell my Marathon for an s-works hartail though, they're fast XC bikes.
Here's a pic of my road bike w/o a saddle and pedals from when I went to France over the summer.

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That is one of COBB's project cars. I'm about 20 min away from them so I spend a lot of time over there. They make some great stuff for our cars. Check out www.cobbtuning.com

I highly recommend the AcessPORT. It isn't dectectable by the dealership so you dont run the risk of voiding the warrenty if you want to keep it.
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