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What do you Duc owners drive?

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Bought a new car today. Not like my 999r, but damn fun & fast on the twisties............

What kind of vehicle do you drive?
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2001 PT Cruiser (#128, pre-spec series, 5 spd) :cool:
Spousal unit drives a 2000 GMC Sierra half-ton with standard transmission :)
The dog has a 2001 Miata with 6 spd manual (she lets us / me drive, though) :p
ThePharaoh said:
...... picking up a 999 this week. just have to decide if i want a yellow or red one. ;)
Ducati sticks to the Henry Ford principle and all bikes that leave the factory are red. Now why would someone repaint a brand new bike???? :think:
1 - 2 of 260 Posts
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