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What do you Duc owners drive?

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Bought a new car today. Not like my 999r, but damn fun & fast on the twisties............

What kind of vehicle do you drive?
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04 Mazda RX-8 6 speed (velocity red) with a Racing Beat exhaust only - weekend car.
Wife drives 2000 Ford Expedtion (also my track commuter) lifted 9 inches with 35 inch tires.
00 Honda Civic EX 2 door coupe - daily commuter and only one reasonable with gas.
brianmdavis said:
How's that Mazda? Always heard great things about the RX8
It's a blast to drive. For me, choosing the Mazda is consistent with why I'm passionate about Ducati. It's not the fastest in a quarter mile, but it's awesome in the twisties. I think being in Car and Drivers top 10 for the last 3 years running against competitors like the Z, G35, and S2000. I've ridden in all but the S2000, and while the Nissans have a lot of torque, they feel nothing like how my car feels when I'm railing through twisties. In fact, I test drove and put money down on a 350Z but had to wait for the color I wanted to come in (pearl white). A quick drive to a Mazda dealer just to see how the 8 measured up against it immediately gave me a change of heart.

Lighter clutch, awesome gearbox, nicer interior, 18 inch wheels stock, handling like a go-kart yet less bumpy than the Z, good brakes, and more importantly, 2 more seats. You have to know how to drive it though, as you can't mash the pedal and just go like the Z.

You can see it peaking from behind my new track toy: (can you tell I like red?)

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migz123 said:
Yes they have all lost their minds here in OC...

This is an example of the people I live with (this might change your mind before you move here): http://members.cox.net/749r/burger.wma
Migz, that's some funny shiet. That lady is just south from me as I'm in San Juan Capistrano. On a separate note, that's a Sport edition, right? I was actually thinking about getting that for my wife, but I'm thinking of getting something that can tow and not just look purty.
1 - 3 of 260 Posts
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