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Ole' Faithful...1995 Saturn SL2 with <60K miles, real clean over all. Hey I know it's a bit of a joke but the $$$ go to the Duc not the Saturn. Otherwise, the family rides in my wife's '03 Subaru Outback...great in the snow!

PS...I bought my Duc with the $$$ I made from selling one very sweet 1969 Ford GT Mustang sportsroof (fastback) with a 351W, 4 barrel and dual exhaust, 4 speed toploader tranny, 9" traction loc rear, hood scoop and hood pins, Chin spoiler and rear sport slats (louvers), all stock Ford options + many other extras. That's why the $$$ go to the Duc...it's a disease.
1 - 1 of 260 Posts
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