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I just purchased a "Ducati in a basket". It's my first, as we're Harley folk, but have been looking at Ducati's and were excited about finding one here in Oregon as a project. I found some numbers on it and wonder; is there a site somewhere or someone I can call to run those numbers and find out exactly what I have, and also find out original paint color, etc. :confused: Thanks for any suggestions.

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jbcaddy said:
try posting in "chat" more people read that forum. also tell us a bit about what you have. that may make a difference in where to look.
i.e., single ,twin, gear drive cams, belt drive cams, pushrod, shape of cases, angular(square), round. happy hunting, Jan
+1 on everything...and pictures may help in identification also!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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