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What comes with new Multistrada S Touring?

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Bought my Multistrada yesterday but won't pick it up until Wednesday. The dealer gave me a box with 2 plastic parts in it, one looks like a fender extension and the other is a small piece with what looks like 2 mounting holes. Both these pieces were in a box that looked like it should hold more. Is this all that comes with the bike? Can anyone tell me what all I should receive with my new bike so I can be sure I got it all. I appreciate any help. This is my first Ducati and am very excited to take it out for a good long ride.
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I too was a little suspish that the dealer might have decided I didn't need all the goodies that came with the bike, but other than the manual and a little tool pouch it sounds like you got everything. I had the dealer install the front fender extension since it might keep a few extra rocks out of the radiator.

With my PP I was happy that they included the stock windscreen screen which I use touring (with aztec spacers!), but thought it a little odd they gave me the stock rear mudguard, I guess if I somehow messed up the CF one.

Congrats on the bike, if you haven't picked up on it folks are generally rather pleased (EUPHORIC) with their multis.
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