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Hi guys,

This question may have already been raised earlier, sorry for senior members, but you may have an idea if there is any producer who supply slipper (anti hopping) clutch for ST3s.
I know that dry slipper clutch is available at the Ducati factory, and also read that some Monster models are provided with APTC (Adler Power Torque Clutch) originally, that is supposed to limit back torque that is generated during heavy braking and down shifting. I have the same problem with the back torque effect (engine brake) on my ST3s, but I haven't found the solution.
What I have found is the 'clutch actuator' that reduces effort at the lever, although I haven't tried, it is probably useful, but only half solution.



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Try STM, they make slipper clutch for other wet clutch applications. I have a STM wet slipper clutch on my Aprilia RSV.
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