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I’ve added a number of new advertising placements on the site. These ads generate revenue. However, they are not displayed to Premium members. Premium members see supporting sponsor ads only, and can 'opt-out' of all of the other advertising. If you dislike advertising, I hope that you will seriously consider our premium membership program.

For those of you who do not sign-up for Premium membership, please make sure you are logged in as a registered user. Considering your feedback I’ve configured the site so that registered users see fewer ads than guests.

Here is a run-down of some of the other changes:

1) New Skin – I’ve gone a little further with the revisions to the skin to make it more user friendly and easier to use.

2) The forum software (as you know) has been upgraded to the leading forum platform on the planet and gives this community a solid foundation to grow from.

3) Paid Subscriptions– We’ve streamlined the paid memberships and now offer a one-year Premium membership and a Lifetime Premium membership. If you have already paid for a membership, don’t worry, you will get transferred into the appropriate group. Basic and Standard paid members will receive a Premium Membership. Gold and Platinum members will receive a Lifetime membership. We will be transferring paid members into these new memberships over the next few days.

4) Email – Premium members will receive space for 50 MB of email. Lifetime Premium members will get 100 MB.

5) Intellitxt – I’ve added some new contextual ads which result in a some words turning 'green' with an underline. These ads are being run on a test-basis. If you do not like these ads, members can turn them off in their UserCP. Simply go to your UserCP and check the box "Disable Intellitxt ads" in: “Edit Profile”. Premium members do not see these ads.

6) Google advertising – I’ve added some Google context ads. Again, Premium members do not see these ads. If you do not like advertising, please consider signing up for premium membership which eliminates all Google ads.

7) Left hand column - I have added a left-hand column to display site sponsor ads. These ads should be relevant to the forum, and are companies who help support the site (with their knowledge, special offers, and money). They are here because they value your business and want to support this community.

If you cannot stand the left column, for your convenience, Premium and Lifetime Premium members can turn-off the left-column in your User CP. Simply check the "Disable Left Sidebar" box.

8) Home page - after many member requests, I have added a new homepage that updates with Recent Threads, News (which we will be regularly updating), and a new Bike of the Month contest. The new home page will feature news direct from Motorcycle.com among other authoritative sources!

9) Bike of the Month - we have introduced a new "Bike of the Month" which will feature motorcycles as selected by you from the membership. See the Bike of the Month forum for more details.

Along with the moderators, I’ve worked very hard to try and address your requests and concerns. The entire community team at Ducati.ms hope you enjoy (and appreciate!) the changes made. Hopefully you will find the new features useful and fun! If you find any bugs or problems, please report them in the support forum.

Myself and the moderators will do our best to answer any questions or suggestions you may have as quickly as possible.
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