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Weird Shifting Glitch

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I thought I'd adjusted to the 'theirs-always-something' mentality of Ducati ownership, but this one has me thrown for a loop.

Yesterday I went out for a ride and with no warning all of a sudden the gearshift isn't working right. Normally, it is spring loaded so whenever you upshift or downshift it always returns to the central position.

Well, it's doing that when I upshift, but when I downshift instead of popping back up again, the shift lever just sits down by the sidestand. I can move it around with my foot, and only when I lift it all the way up does it change gears up.

With a little kicking and footwork I can make it engage all the gears, and find neutral, and it isn't popping out of gear or anything. I am guessing the spring that provides the tension to the gearshift has given out.

Anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas what it might be? And, the $640 question, what does it cost to fix?

Thanks in advance, this is really annoying. It's been running so well for months, now this.
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woozer, its the "shift lever return spring. There are two of them, I just purchased both and have now been waiting for them to come in for about 3 weeks since this same thing happened to me. Bastard dealership. In any case, you just pull the side cover off the engine and put the springs on and put it back together no big thing. If you need part numbers I will be back in Dallas tomorrow and will find them for you in the catalog. Take care.

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