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Warning about bad vender.

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Just a friendly warning about a horrible experience I had with a seller off Ducati Index. The sellers ID is MOE, and I had the displeasure of purchasing a set of CR fairings from him. The fairings were described as undetectable from orginal but have been resprayed, the promblem was that the seller used IMO cheap vinyle decals and in no way matched the orginal decals. I asked to be refunded and he said "no" and he no longer had the money to give me anyways. He said he would send me a diffrent pair that used "factory" decals, the second pair sent HAD the EXACT same decals with huge paint runs on AFTERMARKET fairings. I once again asked for my money back and was luckly able to get 330 dollars of the orginal 450 I had paid him. I let him know that I would post about my experience with him and he told me that he would sue me for liable, all of a sudden he has money for a lawyer??!! And he threatens to sue me for telling the truth? Good luck, he should work for Walmart and than he can sue every person that has something to say negative to say about the store. Sorry to rant, just wanted to put a warning out there and blow a little steam off. And "MOE" if you have anything else to say, I'll happily post all of our emails.