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I recently purchased a 01' 748s. It came with a few goodies like CF Termi half-system, correct-chip, ITG filter, lightned fly-wheel, carbon hugger, CF clutch cover. It had been dropped at a very slow speed and had some very minor cosmetic damage on one side. (Cost me less then 500 bucks to have it repainted).

I paid 7500 for the bike with 10K on the clock. Now before anyone calls me nuts the key factor to the purchase was COMPLETE service records from BCM Ducati. That to me was worth a slight premium for a slightly damaged bike. It was also imported from Spain since the fella was in the service. So I also have the Euro light control to shut off the head-light.

Over all like a couple have said, watch those rockers and also the fly-wheel bolt is known to back out and make a mess.

I would rather pay more for something with the service records then pay 1K less for something with no paperwork. Hell, I wouldn't buy a Ducati with no paper work.

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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