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DuckMan and I packed up and headed out Thursday the 15th at about 4:30 PM for what promised to be an excellent ride. It was hot and muggy in Houston and traffic getting across town was a bear but about half way to San Antonio we passed through a front and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and the air dried out to make the rest of the trip into S.A. very pleasant despite the fact that we were riding interstate. We managed to make it to Boerne, northwest of S.A., and shut down for the night at about 8:45 for a 252 mi. afternoon.
Woke up Friday to a cool, crisp morning with a crystal clear sky; this was going to be a good day. Hit the road at about 9:00AM and set out for Leakey running 46 to 16 through Bandera into Medina where we picked up 337 to Leakey. 46 and 16 are nice roads with good surfaces but 337 from Medina to Leakey is just plain fun, one of the best stretches of road on the trip although it does have some questionable patches when it comes to surface. The pavement type changed a couple of times from plain asphalt (a good surface) to the type where they lay down a layer of tar and then pack gravel into it, I hate this kind of road because it feels like you are riding on marbles although in fact you have decent traction as long as the road is fairly new, once the road gets a little age on it the gravel becomes polished and a real problem in the rain. Today though; we pulled into Leakey with grins on our faces and a need for breakfast. We stopped at Lala’s and had a very tasty central Texas style breakfast; eggs, bacon, refried beans and potatoes, mmm…mmm…good!

After rehashing the ride over breakfast it was time get back out there, we had “Three Sisters” to ride, and we planned on riding them hard. For those of you not from Texas, the “Three Sisters” are a loop out of Leakey (pronounced Lakey) consisting of Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337 with a short section of hwy’s 41 & 55 to complete the loop. This loop is one of the best known motorcycle rides in the state, to the point that there are a number of businesses along the route that cater specifically to riders as well as the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool. Heading up 336 the ride was fun, the road good and we passed shit load of cruisers; you know who you are and damn you’re slow. It had a good mix of hills and both tight low speed curves and high speed sweepers. Across the north leg of the loop 41 is pretty much a bore but then you head south on 335 and this road will sneak up and bite you in places if you don’t pay attention. It will lull you into complacency with a stretch of gradual hills and long easy bends then you will crest a hill into a tight blind curve, fun. One of which caught me off guard and I edge fixated, the road had a really rough edge and I’ll guarantee you my tires were half on and half off of the asphalt but I managed to overcome the fixation and get her back on the road and through the curve. Needless to say I took the next couple curves at a somewhat easier pace while recovering my composure and allowing my butt pucker to relax enough to get feeling back in my legs. When we reached the south end of 335 at Camp Wood we stopped for gas and some water and after a time check and discussion we decided to forego riding 337 back to Leakey and head for Del Rio since we wanted to reach Marathon before nightfall.
We looked at the map and decided to take 55 up to Rocksprings and 377 down to Del Rio thinking 377 was going to be a fun road, it worked out just the opposite. 55 to Rocksprings is a blast, it has a section of high speed sweepers that will have you wearing the rotation arrows off the edges of your tires. 377 on the other hand was for the most part long and boring with just the occasional curve to keep you awake, we reached Del Rio at about 3:00 PM and stopped for lunch. We got back on the road about 3:45 and headed for Marathon on hwy 90, we honked on our way by Chris. Hwy 90 is pretty much a long straight run for hours on end but it has an excellent surface and no traffic so you can haul ass, which we did. We stopped in Langtry to check out the Judge Roy Beans site, that is one desolate place.

By the way you might notice a small white paper character in some of the photos in the story, you have to understand I have granddaughters living in Japan that I don’t see very often and the character you see is Flat Stanley. Their school told them to send FS to family back home and have them take him around places with them and take pictures of themselves with him to send back so that they could give a report on what he was up to. It’s a way the military school tries to help kids stay in touch with their extended families. I miss my grandbabies so Stanley got to come along. Back on the road and we were in Marathon by 6:20 PM for a 430 mi day. We pulled into town only to find out that they were hosting a marathon the next morning and the hotels (there are only three) were all full, well almost, the Gage Hotel that we stopped at first had one room with a shared bath and one king size bed and though we get along well; Mike and I decided we didn’t get along THAT well. At the second motel/RV park the lady running the place told us she was full but if we had tents we were welcome to pitch them there. We didn’t set out planning to camp so that wasn’t an option so she was nice enough to call around to see if anything was available in town, she finally got hold of a lady who said she had one place available and that we could meet her in front of the gallery and she would take us to it. We followed her back into a residential area of town (there’s only two and they’re not big) to a little yellow house, after showing it to us she asked if it would be acceptable and I’m thinking hell, it’s got two beds and a bath that’s more than we were going to get anywhere else in town, sure it’s acceptable.

After changing we headed into town for dinner at the Blue Burro (I think) the food was very good and the atmosphere even better, Marathon in general had a neat atmosphere and nice people, I liked it. We drank a few Negra Modelo’s (one fine beer) and shot the shit till 1:30 AM when we crashed for the night. All in all; an excellent day.
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